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The richd and The poor

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One day a beggar who came to the house of the rich, he asked for alms to the rich, but the beggar was actually in drive out with a rough and nasty.
In contrast to the poor, although he was not, but he gave her some money to beggars when the beggar asked for alms to the poor. The beggar was pleased and touched by the kindness of the poor, he was willing to share to others in need. The beggar was praying for the poor get a lot of treasure.
In one day, when the poor go to the garden, he was surprised to see a very large turnip in his garden. In addition to a very large size, radish was issued a very nice scent. Many animals who want to eat the turnips that. The poor harvest and immediately bring it to the house of radish.
The next day, news of the kingdom that will be held race strange fruit. End of the poor was his he brought radishes to the palace. Along the way many people see that turnip. They were very surprised to see that turnip.
Arriving at his palace, the poor turnip handed it to the king. King was very surprised to see a very large turnip. The rich are not to be outdone by the poor. The poor also race the strange fruit. Taking it to the kingdom strange fruit, the rich imagine a gift that in his dream his dream
When she arrived in the kingdom, the rich surprised. turns out the king has decided that the champion is the poor. Since then the poor become rich than the rich are stingy it.



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